WarmSculpting Body Contouring with SculpSure

Even with diet and exercise, many people have pockets of stubborn fat that seem impossible to lose. Because of this, Stuart B. Kipper, MD and Associates has been offering body contouring by WarmSculpting with SculpSure since this innovative technology arrived on the market. Experience the latest, most effective and least invasive technology available in the struggle to eliminate unwanted fat. Redefine and contour in just 25 minutes.

How does it work?

WarmSculpting Body Contouring with SculpSure is a non-invasive treatment that treats stubborn, hard to exercise-off excess fat.  This laser technology uses heat to destroy fat cells in the belly, love handles, thighs, back and even under the chin.  WarmSculpting with SculpSure kills an average of 24 percent of the fat cells and volume within the area treated in just a single session.  Every session thereafter results in an additional 18-36% elimination of fat until patients are satisfied with their new sculpted and contoured look.  Each patient starts off with two WarmSculpting sessions, and many patients reach their goals within these two sessions.  Other patients may need more; therefore, Dr. Kipper and his staff always provide a treatment plan that is customized and individualized to meet each patient’s expectations and desires.

What to Expect:

When the treatment starts, patients initially feel a cooling sensation.  While the laser cycles on and off, cooling is replaced by heat which raises the temperature within the fat cells until they are destroyed. Most patients feel a deep warmth and/or tingling sensation that alternates with cooling intermittently throughout the treatment, which is generally well tolerated.  For patients that may experience anxiety or any uncomfortable sensations, we now offer a unique light sedation with Nitronox, which wears off in 10 minutes or less.  After the 25 minute non-invasive treatment is done, patients can resume normal daily activities as there is no post-treatment down time.  As with all our treatments, consultations are free.  

Are WarmSculpting treatments right for me?
WarmSculpting treatments are ideal for people with trouble spots, particularly those that seem resistant to diet and exercise. The best way to know if you are a candidate for WarmSculpting is to come in, meet with our staff, and have all your questions answered. 

When will I see results?
Patients may start to see results as early as 6 weeks following treatment as the body begins to eliminate the destroyed fat cells, with optimal results usually seen at 12 weeks.

How long will results last?
Treated fat cells are eliminated during a treatment and will not regenerate or return. This results in less fat in the treated area permanently. 

What is the difference between fat loss and weight loss?
The number of fat cells stored in our bodies typically remains constant throughout adult life. As we lose weight, the size of fat cells become smaller, but do not decrease in number. Even with diet and exercise, many people have difficulty losing weight in these trouble areas. After the WarmSculpting treatment, the fat cells are permanently destroyed and will not return.